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British manufacturer Portakabin has developed and delivered exceptional buildings for more than 60 years. In the last 3 years alone, it has provided more than 75,000m2 of flexible workspace to UK manufacturers. 

Covering every manufacturing space requirement from production areas to management offices, portable buildings from Portakabin allow manufacturers to efficiently grow to meet demand. Whether you need a single person office or an entire site, Portakabin offers free buildings growth plans to assist with site optimisation.

From more than 70 UK locations, Portakabin delivers interim buildings within weeks, drawing from an extensive range of stock for hire. It’s also possible to have a permanent modular building from Portakabin on site and ready for use up to 70% faster than an equivalent traditionally constructed building.

And with an unrivalled 99.7% of buildings delivered on time and on budget,1 Portakabin outstrips the construction industry as a whole which only achieves an average of just 63% and 66% on budget respectively.2

Companies like Fuel Cell Systems, Syngenta, Smurfitt Kappa, Wooha Brewery, Totally Wicked and Jaguar Land Rover have taken delivery of Portakabin buildings ranging from storage and training facilities to a purpose-designed, modern and centralised office complex as well as a bespoke Security and Emergency Operations building. 

It takes expertise, resources and dedication to provide the precision-engineered buildings required by Britain’s manufacturers and when you choose a Portakabin building, you will benefit from the very best in engineering, design and innovation from the modular building market leaders.

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